With family ties keeping him deeply rooted to the Mantoloking area (Richard's family can be traced back to the 1700s there), woodworking and interest in building was fostered from early age by his great-grandfather, grandfather and father - all skilled craftsmen. His great-grandfather was a renowned Barnegat Bay duck decoy carver, featured in various books on the subject, and his father, like many ancestors before him, was a builder himself. Richard became quite adept at woodcarving in his own right, and sold his work in his grandparent's gift shop along the Jersey Shore.

Because his father, Franklin W. Hall, was a home builder, whose interests were also in high-quality construction, Richard was able to accompany his father, working summers since the age of 10, learning many facets of the business. His father instilled in him the same values by which Richard began his successful career and continues to manage his company: "Be honest, be respectful, and do the finest job possible. Nothing less is acceptable." Later in Franklin Hall's life, he even spent 20 years working for his son, bringing added wisdom and valuable experience to the company.

Armed with four years of architectural drawing and the confidence of growing up immersed in the craft, Richard set his sights on building the most prestigious homes of the highest quality, almost immediately finding his niche. In 1974, while some high school graduates might have been weighing their options, Richard struck out on his own. He began both his company and lifelong ambition by building a large river-front home, thereby launching his career as a waterfront builder.

Today, Richard F. Hall Custom Homes has achieved exactly what Richard set out to accomplish. Constructing primarily beachfront homes, mainly traditional Shingle style in design, it's the extra finishes and expert attention to detail that makes Richard F. Hall Custom Homes one of the most prominent builders in New Jersey. The company includes a full-time team of about 25 men that handle all woodwork and painting — including framing, trim, siding, roofing, cabinetry etc. Richard then hand selects the additional crews for his projects. During the average four to seven high-end residential homes his company is commissioned yearly, he painstakingly observes the entire process of each, start to finish.

Richard is a perfectionist when it comes to anything regarding woodworking. For 22 of his 40 years in business, he personally framed all of the projects himself to ensure they were done to his exact specifications and done right. Early on in his career, he had the opportunity to further specialize his skill by working on some major projects where specialty trim including multi-member carved moldings were used exclusively. This opportunity, which spanned three years, continues to serve as a great asset in Richard's ability to envision and add those special touches that separate his homes from the ordinary.

To Richard, the defining differences are both visible and underlying. For instance, he takes several extra steps such as back-painting all the trim work so joints stay tight, checking moisture content before trim and flooring is installed so there is less movement after it is installed, just to name a few. His father taught him the old ways of installing cedar roofs and shingles along with many other Old World techniques, which he routinely uses today. They may require extra effort but Richard stays true to his commitment to give his clients the best product possible by doing, what he feels, it takes to deliver the highest level of quality workmanship.



New Jersey's most renowned architects and their clients consistently trust Richard F. Hall Custom Homes to bring their talented renderings to fruition. Richard is strongly committed to providing his clients a home that is unsurpassed in quality, and one they will love for years to come. He appreciates and cares deeply that his projects each have special meaning and purpose to his clients. For many, the home Richard builds will be their retirement home or vacation getaway and the place of many lasting and happy memories for them and their families.

With a family tradition of pride in honorable workmanship, many accolades have followed. Richard F. Hall Custom Homes' work has appeared in many magazines including American Dream Homes, Dream Homes NJ and Design New Jersey just to name a few.